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Company specialized in the marketing and manufacture of chairs, tables, stools and furniture of various styles classic, industrial, vintage, design. We work materials such as wood (pine, beech, elm, oak, birch), metal (iron, steel) and plastics. A company with a professional career in the furniture sector since 1965. A long journey in which we have achieved a range of quality products at a really competitive price. We are specialists in hospitality furniture (bar, restaurant, cafeteria, pub, tapas, franchises, outdoor terraces) and home. Wide variety in replica chairs of eames, tolix,thonet,windsor etc.

Wooden chairs

Locals dedicated to hospitality can have different styles in the décor, from the most traditional such as the mesons and taverns, a modern décor for example for bars, retro style cafes, avant-garde restaurants, elegant gourmet venues or majestic rococo-style restaurants. Each of them will need a different type of furniture that is in line with their setting.

In rosillo.es the section of wooden chairs you can or more traditional chairs for each type of need. All of them are ergonomic and seek to offer the customer the comfort and comfort they need during their stay in your business.

A basic chair in a modern style that can be adapted to many types of premises is the chair made of bee wood varnished with the finish desired by the client. This model differs greatly from the more traditional offering straighter and simpler lines and more current colors.

Wooden chairs for hospitality

An ideal casual chair for fashionable venues looking to combine design with retro style is the chair made with wooden legs, white abs housing and metal bonding rods. This type of chair is perfect because it combines comfort, quality and design in one piece. Rosillo.es

Other models of very ergonomic chairs that also offer a sophisticated design are those made with beet wood structure and plywood seat or leather upholstered seat. The most characteristic thing about these chairs is that the seats stand out from the legs giving the feeling that the curvature of the backrest is suspended.

Discover in our section of interior wooden chairs all our items and find the furniture you were looking for for your business.

Cheap vintage chairs for bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels

Buy vintage hospitality chairs online:bars, restaurants, pubs... Free shipping throughout Spain. Check out our catalog of vintage chairs!.

Take advantage of all our offers now and equip yourself with the best vintage hospitality chairs in rosillo.es, you can choose the model that best suits the needs and characteristics of your establishment and take pieces with style and personality but, at the same time, resistant and durable that will be of good help in the daily work.

The hospitality sector is one of the toughest and most demanding in the field of customer service. In rosillo.es we know this, and that's why we have decided to offer you the most reliable range of retro hospitality chairs through our online store. We are manufacturers specialized in furniture for bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels. We always use the highest quality materials and the best presence finishes to offer you, always, a product at your height.

In addition, we know that you are concerned about the budget, and that the ideal is not to waste it in the decoration of your business, either newly opened or if you are looking to renew all the chairs of your business. In our online store you will find cheap vintage chairs that will surprise you by their style and originality. We think that a good appearance should not be incompatible with the quality and price, that is why our catalog of cheap retro chairs offers you the great possibility to create the most "cool" atmosphere for your establishment for very little.

Vintage retro chairs at the best price

Looking for vintage retro chairs at the best price? This is your place, in rosillo.es we have created the best selection of vintage retro chairs for you to take at the best price, very easily and quickly. An online catalog that will surprise you with its originality and personalized design in all the retro chairs for hospitality that we have. Be sure to visit us to find the right model you're looking for and turn your business into a reference site for customers.

Retro air is a style that is moving to all areas, not only fashion or accessories, but we can already see collections of furniture and retro decoration. In our online catalog you can find all the retro chairs you imagine, enter now and buy the one that best fits your business and get fashionable by the hand of SillasMesas.es

Equipping your bar or restaurant with originality and style is now easier and more comfortable than ever. Visit our online shop and discover the variety of vintage hospitality chairs we offer for you. A catalog of models manufactured with the best quality materials and at the best price. Choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your establishment and take it at no cost because you have the free shipping costs throughout Spain.

Design chairs

In our section of designer chairs we have a wide range of models that adapt to the decoration of the different styles of venue, from which they have a retro, avant-garde, futuristic, minimalist or casual atmosphere. Our entire collection of design chairs is made of high quality materials to ensure ergonomics to business customers.

Chairs made of polypropylene reinforced in fiberglass are manufactured and designed in Italy. You can choose them in the color you like the most (white, orange, red, anthracite or light green) and combine them with one of our matching polypropylene chairs. The advantage of these chairs is that in addition to comfortable and modern you can store them stacked to save the space of your premises.

Another model of Italian manufacture is that made of polycarbonate. These chairs are very original because you can choose to make the model transparent to surprise customers or in white, black, translucent smoke, tortora grey or red translucent. Any of them will be perfect to add an original touch to any hospitality business.

Online design chairs

We also have other very avant-garde models, which you can also buy online, manufactured in injected abs that its shape is compact, because the legs, seat and backrest are the same piece where it seems that you are sitting suspended in the air. These chairs are characterized because they can be used both inside and outside and are also stacked horizontally.

An ideal model for a futuristic style is that of polypropylene structure reinforced with fiberglass and backrest in transparent polycarbonate. You can choose it in pistachio green, anthracite or white and, in addition, these design chairs are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. An original way to combine the atmosphere of the place with designer furniture

Hospitality furniture

Hospitality furniture at the best prices on the market. We have a wide catalog in hospitality furniture. Free shipping throughout Spain!

In Rosillo.es you will find everything you need to furnish your hospitality venue, no matter what type of business you have (bar, restaurant, beach bar, café and even a hotel). In our online catalog, organized by categories of furniture, you can choose the ones that best suit the atmosphere, decoration and style of your hospitality establishment.

We have everything from the basic furniture that every business in the hospitality sector needs (chairs, tables, stools, armchairs...) to more specific furniture such as sun loungers, parasols and terrace stoves.

Now at the click you can see all the furniture in our catalog, composed of more than 450 products, with all its features (color, materials, measurements...) so that from home or from your office you can choose and buy what you really need.

We want you to have a wide range of possibilities to choose from, so you will have an extensive catalog of each type of furniture with different designs and styles so that you can choose the one that best suits your business. So you can compare the materials, dimensions, colors and, of course, prices, and give the style and environment you want to your business.

Advantages of buying hospitality furniture in Rosillo.es

One of the great advantages we offer in Rosillo.es that we offer you the possibility to customize many of the hospitality furniture that we have in our online catalog, choosing the color and even the dimensions, and we also offer you a color chart for the boards with different shades and types of wood. This way you can benefit from the advantages of buying catalog products, but at the same time they can be customized and custom made.

In addition, our team of professionals offers you assistancein the management of your project, guiding you on what type of hospitality furniture can be best for your design plans, in order to buy the furniture that is most suitable for your establishment and meet the needs that it requires. We have furniture for traditional venues, such as taverns, as well as avant-garde restaurants, Provencal-style cafés or even retro-style venues.

And if you need to renew the furniture of your business and want to save yourself a money, we also have an outlet section,in which you will find pieces for your place at the best prices on the market. This section exposes the furniture in liquidation, eitherbecause they are from previous seasons or because there are few units left in stock. The great advantage is that you will be able to access hospitality furniture at unbeatable prices, benefiting from great discounts and offers.

One-click hospitality furniture

Our goal is for you to get Rosillo.es and not leave without having found what you were looking for. Thanks to a simple website and a wide catalog of almost half a thousand products, we are sure that you will find what you need, and you will even discover new hospitality furniture that you will want for your business. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on everything you need. In fact, give me a little guide to help you make a decision to choose your business furniture.

Guide to choosing the best hospitality furniture

Considering the creation of a hospitality business involves making many decisions that, although at first do not seem important, will define the business model, its aesthetics and its personality, as well as the essence of the project that we want to take forward and the message that we want to send.

This message that we send when we create our business and, therefore, when investing in furniture, focuses on factors such as the decoration that is attached to the furniture. Since, today, who has not gone to a business because of its different appearance, regardless of the products they could offer in their menu? It is true that the quality of the products offered is important to consolidate our clientele and obtain good references and scores, but the appearance it has will also say a lot about us without having to express it in words.

Some industry entrepreneur focuses solely on certain issues which, while also important such as industrial machinery, should not be the only focus or the most important. The factors that are really going to define the aspect of the business and, therefore, the message that we want to send to the client are going to be the hospitality furniture and decoration that you choose, which is what really brings added value and the message that we want to give.

Different types of business, different solutions in furniture

There are many questions that we have to ask ourselves before buying the furniture and conditioning the premises based on our idea: what kind of business do I want to create?, what kind of customers do I want to attract? , what budget do I count on, what's going to turn that place into a claim for people to come to, am I going to bet on a business that families go to or do I prefer younger customers?

All these questions that we must ask ourselves will guide us about the type of furniture we need and their approach, and they have to make us think about the strength and durability of the elements, guarantees and storage areas (if they are outdoor furniture that needs to be stored or stacked by the climate of the area or even because it is in areas where theft is easy). If the winters are hard and I want to have a terrace, this terrace will become a chill out area with armchairs that is comfortable to spend in it quite a long time...

If, for example, we are thinking of setting up a tapas place,we will want our customers to move quickly and we will be interested in the influx and also the speed, so the high tables and stools are the best options, since it is possible, even, that some take the skewer with a wine or beer standing, choose to take a lid to follow somewhere else or want a quick meal before returning to work. In this type of place, we can condition an area that is intended for groups or meals of another kind, if what we think is in a much wider menu, and there we can mix different types of tables, which are comfortable and can be easily moved, to change the distribution of the place without being too expensive.

However, if we are thinking of a restaurant,with a higher level menu, we hope that our customers will find the therself in a comfortable environment, with more modern avant-garde chairs and a distinguished atmosphere, in which to feel relaxed and comfortable and dare to experience and try new things. If the menu of our restaurant is focused on the new kitchen, we may want to give an image of modernity, betting on certain types of chairs of contemporary lines, separate spaces with shelves and a large area and in which diners feel at ease. However, if we are thinking of a much more traditional restaurant, with typical dishes of cuisine, the furniture should be adapted to fit the philosophy of the place we design and, therefore, we would opt for those wooden tables and chairs that we are used to seeing. A restaurant focused on families, for example, has to have the necessary amenities for children and separate tables, so that you do not notice too much noise.

Choosing between round and square tables, for example, is also an important issue, as round tables tend to take up more space and are harder to put together. They are fine for large venues and where weddings or social gatherings are to be held, as they do not impose the need for a headboard and it is easier for diners to talk to each other.

The furniture defines the aesthetics of the place that we will create, in all its aspects. This is not a minor issue and it is therefore very important to think before choosing and advising yourself with good professionals to help you choose those elements that best suit not only the place, but also your budget.

A hotel with garden area and relaxing spaces for guests will need sun loungers to adapt, if there is a swimming pool, and parasols. If, in that area, the sun directly gives, we will have to take into account the size of these parasols, whether for gardens or urban terraces, because they will play an important function, especially during the summer.

We must make the most of this garden or pool space, intended for rest during the day, if, for example, we have prepared a cafeteria space, adding poufs and armchairs, to turn this area into a space of drinks at sunset.

We can also think of allowing access for people who do not stay in the building, but come for dinner and a drink, which on the other hand will expand the profit margin of the business and generate greater profits, derived from the exploitation of all areas of the hotel.

The evolution in the furniture market has been spectacular in recent years. Nothing to do with chairs with soft drink marks seen a couple of decades ago. Today, we find high quality products, which can be adapted to any place and make it possible to make an old-fashioned café in the trendy place of the area, since - let us not deceive ourselves - aesthetics are part of the current marketing and, therefore, it is a point that you have to take great care when making an investment in a business.

A simple face wash, in this aspect, betting on careful and quality furniture, will turn a place to which a specific type of clientele attended, perhaps to consume little and spend part of the afternoon without generating profits to the owner, in a reference business, modern and striking, in which the word of mouth will work. For this reason, the initial investment in furniture will become a safe bet in the medium and long term.

Strength and durability

All the elements created specifically for the hospitality business come prepared to withstand the continued use and movement of people. The difference between specialized furniture and those that can be found in department stores is that the furniture specifically created for this type of business has to pass certain quality controls, to ensure its durability and that it is maintained over the years.

It should be borne in mind that both chairs, tables or armchairs have to be prepared to withstand very different weights and heights. They have to be hygienic, since cleaning, in this type of business, becomes a matter of healthiness and, therefore, they must also withstand the use of aggressive chemicals, which are commonly used when sterilizing and sanitizing places.

Most common materials

PVC and polyresins,which were originally used outdoors, for example, in sun loungers and hammocks are prepared to withstand significant temperature changes, as well as solar radiation that deteriorates these elements faster than other types of products. Materials like rattan give an elegant look, as well as holding up well outdoors. The versatility of these materials has made them used not only outdoors, but also for the interiors of the premises, without being left cut or de-otered at any time.

Armchairs with metal frames,to withstand the movements and jog to which they are subjected daily, or poufs and armchairs with lights that create a certain atmosphere at night make a difference in the appearance of a certain business. Combining these elements (initially, used outdoors) and being able to take them inside our establishment are increasingly used options that are beneficial for the owner of the premises.

Betting on hospitality furniture that gives personality to your project and turns it into a seal of identity of its own is a decision that